the third.

October 7, 2007


a red dog.


the second one.

October 7, 2007


this is like a dust mite or some shit.

the first one.

October 7, 2007


sometimes it’s hard to color everything. your dock should hide the white spots in this one.

well, hello.

October 7, 2007

i’m addicted to my iphone. i’m addicted to isketch.

for no apparent reason, the logical extension of these tandem addictions was to start a blog and post the lame results online. and so, hence.

i’ll try to post one per day, or at the very least, several each week. also, i’m fully aware that no one besides me will see them, but i’d rather pretend otherwise.

so make-believe readers, please feel free to download and use or mock these images. i realize they are somewhat sloppy and unrefined. this was the plan, i swear.

many thanks to isketch for their awesome program.

all images copyright by me, premiumlux, 2007.